Tenants Statements Now Added to SimpleRent (Rental Property Management Software)

Today we added a new Statement of Charges report to SimpleRent. This report is similar to invoices in the sense that it shows a summary of charges for each tenant, but this statement also includes payment history grouped by each period/month.

To use the Statement of Charges, go to the Rent Roll screen:
1. Configure the list to show the items you want - i.e. all tenants, or one tenant, all due or late or within last X days, show fully paid vs hide, etc.  and generate the rent roll using the Refresh (arrows) button.
2. You can also just select a sub-set of the receivables using the checkboxes on the left side of the list.
3. Click Statements.  Click the Generate Now button
4. The Statement of Charges report appears - it is similar to the invoice, but it also contains all of the payments received for each period/due date:
5. This report can be emailed just like invoices & receipts using the "Email Report" button.
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