Tenant Portal - Tenants Can View Payment History, Print Receipts, Submit Work Order Requests

Now, on the Tenant Portal, tenants can view payment history, print receipts, and submit work orders.

The first step is granting a tenant access to the Tenant Portal - this is done on the Tenant Details page --> Tenant Portal tab:

Ensure you've added a valid email address for the tenant on the General tab first, and then go to the Tenant Portal tab and select "Portal Is Enabled" - the "Send Portal Invite" button appears - click it.

The "Send Portal Invite" popup screen appears confirming that an invitation email will be sent to the tenant to select their password, and confirm the portal account.  Click "Send Now" to send the invite email.

Now you must wait for the tenant to open the email and click the link within it to confirm their new portal account:

Once they've done that, the account will show as confirmed:

 The Tenant can log into the portal using this URL:


It is here that they can view payment history, make work order requests, print receipts, download files, as well as add their bank account and make payments to you via ACH/bank to bank transfer.

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