Read-Only Users Now Supported in SimpleRent (Property Management Software)

In addition to the different types of user roles (admin, standard, vendor), we just added the ability to have read-only users in SimpleRent - that is, users that can view data and reports but cannot edit or remove it. Here's how it works:

Now, when you add a new user from the Admin --> Users area, you'll see the new checkbox to indicate whether the user is 'read-only' or not:

When this is checked, this means this user will be able to see data (for the screens/modules you've granted them access to if they are a Standard User), but they won't be able to make any changes/edits/deletes - all of the save and delete buttons will be disabled/not clickable, or removed, as applicable.

Read-Only users will see this banner when they are logged in:

This type of permission restriction is useful when you have staff/employees that need access to your SimpleRent account data in a casual, "look but don't touch" capacity, or for users that just need to run a few reports every month, etc.


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