Print receipts right at the time of collecting rental payments

A couple of weeks ago we added in the ability to generate and download a payment receipt right at the time you're collecting the payment on the Collect Payment screen.  This eliminates the need to generate receipts after the fact on the Payment History page, and is faster if just want to collect a single payment and print the receipt now.  This feature was request by a SimpleRent customer; we greatly encourage this type of feedback - here's how to use this new option:

A checkbox has been added to the Collect Payments screen, on the right side pay panel, right above the 'post payment' button:

When this is checked, a link will appear to download the receipt after the payment has been recorded - click this link to download the receipt PDF as soon as you post the payment:

If you are collecting a single payment, a single receipt PDF showing that payment will be generated. If you are collecting multiple, split payments, they will be separate line item on the receipt.  If you are collecting multiple, separate payments, the items will be split across separate receipts/pages, in the same PDF.



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