Improvements to Expenses & Work Orders

We just updated our SimpleRent property management software suite with some great improvements and new features:

  • Changes to work orders to better handle sub-total and taxes.
  • Improvement to the Expenses report.
  • Added the ability to create/link expenses at the time you add a Work Order - here's how:

Now, when you add a new work item to a Work Order, you can of course enter the particulars of the work to be performed, including the vendor doing the work, the sub-total, tax, total for the cost, and more.  You can also check the "Include An Expense Entry for this Work Item" box to also create an expense entry on the expense ledger.

The expense entry created will match the Work summary, vendor, invoice, sub-total, tax and total as you have defined in the work item.  It will also get the expense date, account code, and check/ref # that you specify below.

Note: if you delete the work item later, the associated expense entry will also be deleted.  If you go into the Expenses page and delete the expense item without deleting the work item, the work item will remain, but it won't have the associate expense linked to it anymore.  If you make changes to the amounts, vendor, invoice #, etc in the work item screen, the associated expense entry will also be updated.

Enjoy this handy new feature!

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