Document Template Builders for Leases, Application Forms, and Electronic Signature!

Today we are introducing a new menu item called Documents:

It has places to store three types of document templates, "Leases, "Applications", and "Letters & Forms".  Here you can add new document templates using the text/html editor.  For example, click Leases and the leases screen appears:

Click 'Add New Lease' and you'll be taken to the 'Add New Document Template' page:

It is here that you can create predefined templates and insert things like form/text fields, radio (choice) buttons, check boxes, etc.

Much like Email Templates, each Document Template can be embedded with database field tags that allow the document to be personalized with individual tenant/person/unit/lease data.

You can also insert a 'signature' line, which (when the document is viewed by a tenant/applicant) will show a space where they can digitally sign their name using the mouse or their finger (on a phone/tablet).

Once you have all the documents you need created, the next thing you'll want to do is to send them to a tenant/applicant to have them sign it online.

To do that, click the Email Document menu item:

This will display the Mailbox screen, with a "New Message" tab preloaded:

You should first select the tenants/applicants you want to send the document to in the "To:" section.  You can also type an email address manually if you haven't already added this person as a tenant or applicant in SimpleRent.  Note that if you send the document to a manual email address and not a pre-defined tenant or applicant record, SimpleRent will email you the completed/signed form, but it will not ultimately save a copy of the completed form to the tenant's profile unless you pre-selected them here.

(Again, you should at least add one property, one tenant/person, and connect them with a valid lease record first before you try this, in order to get the full effect of these new features.)

Next, select the Email Template (if applicable) you want to use - this allows you to save time by not having to enter the subject and contents of the email each time - you can change the contents of this email in the "Email Templates" menu item at the top of the main toolbar:

The email subject and the message body should be displayed:

There is just one thing missing - the link to the Document you want the tenant/applicant to sign. Notice that this screen also has an "Insert Document Template Link" section:

First click into the document to place the cursor where you want the link to be inserted:


Then select the "Rental Application" option and click the "Insert" button.

A link to the document template is inserted into the email body, wherever you had placed your cursor:

Now you are ready to send the document - click the "Send Message" button and the email will be sent to the tenant/applicant.

The tenant will receive an email something like this:

When they click the link, they are taken to an online editable and signable form:

Each of the text fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc in the form can be edited by the tenant.  Because this document has a signature placeholder in it, they can also now sign it with their mouse:

When they are ready, the tenant can submit the form using the "Submit Document Now" button at the top - the document is submitted to you:

You will receive the completed document as a PDF that you can print or download.  If you've selected a pre-existing tenant or applicant record when you sent the document, the completed PDF will also be automatically saved to that tenant's profile, in the person details page, on the "Person Files" tab:

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