Bulk Rent Roll Waivers & Deletes

We noticed on the Rent Roll that it was fairly time consuming to make a lot of changes to the rent roll's receivables, particularly when you're just removing/waiving late fees and other items that you want to write off or forgive.

We just added a simple update to the Rent Roll screen to enable you to waive late fees or remove items from the Rent Roll in bulk, so you can take care of much of this pruning and maintenance in one fell swoop.  Here's how to use it..

On the Rent Roll screen, just use the checkboxes to select more than one item you want to remove:

Then, at the top of the page, notice that the 'Waive/Delete Multiple Items' button has appeared:

Click it, and a confirmation screen appears:

Click 'Waive/Delete Items' and the receivables will be removed (if the item is a regular receivable like Rent, etc) or waived (if the item is a calculated/incidental item like Late Fees usually are).

A record of the change will also be stored in the Rent Roll transaction log:

That's all there is to it!

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