The People Page In SimpleRent

People Page

The People page shows you a comprehensive listing of every person (including tenants, former tenants, and prospective tenants, or applicants) on your account, either for the current owner, or for all owners, if selected.  Click the People toolbar item

and the People page appears:

The People page is organized by a person’s leasing status – people can be Active (being party to a one or more leases), Inactive/Applicant (tenants who are not linked to a property by a lease), or Former (tenants who are part of a lease that is now closed).  Note that tenants on expired leases appear still appear the Active tab.

When you add a new Person, he/she will appear on the Inactive/Applicant tab first, as the person record does not have any leases attached to it yet.

You can filter the People page by any relevant piece of information displayed on this screen. For example, by typing into the “Search Any Field” box, you can filter people by first/last name, contact details, or lease dates – in this way you can quickly find a person in a large list:

The People list can be sorted by clicking any of the column headers.

Clicking a single row on the People page:

will open a Details panel on the right side of the screen:

This panel shows detailed information about the specific person, including information about any leases the person is linked to, total balance outstanding, amount due this month, amount paid/collected, and the same for last month.

This panel also shows supplementary information that has been attached to the person, including links to any files, notes, residence history, employer history, occupants (other people living with the tenant but not necessarily written into the lease), vehicle record, and pet details.

Finally, the Details panel contains handy shortcut buttons to the Collect Payment, Rent Roll and Payment History screens, specific to each lease the tenant is a part of. Also displayed is a Settings button to jump to the Edit Lease Settings page, and a way to send each tenant on the lease an email message.

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