The Leases Page in SimpleRent

Leases Page

The Leases page shows you full listing of all leases on your account, either for the current owner, or for all owners, if selected.  Click the Leases toolbar item and the Leases page appears:

The Leases page is organized by lease status – leases are either Active (having a current lease period), Expired (the lease end date has been reached), or Closed (leases that are closed by you).  Adding a new lease will normally cause it to appear first on the Active tab – after it has expired it will transition to the Expired tab, and after you close it, the Closed tab.

Just like the Properties and People screens, you can filter the Leases page by typing search criteria into the ‘Search any field’ text box.  This screen can also be sorted by clicking on the column headers.  You can further filter the leases shown by city and/or property group.

Clicking a single row on the Leases page:

will open a Details panel on the right side of the screen:

This panel shows detailed information about the lease, including tenants and property information total balance outstanding, amount due this month, amount paid/collected, and the same for last month.

All charges & fees on the are summarized, including the amount due and recurrence pattern, start and end date, and any late fee configuration.

This panel also shows files that have been attached to the person, as well as handy shortcut buttons to the Collect Payment screen, Rent Roll, and Payment History.

To modify or view more information about the Lease, click the Lease Settings button.

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