Print receipts right at the time of collecting rental payments

A couple of weeks ago we added in the ability to generate and download a payment receipt right at the time you're collecting the payment on the Collect Payment screen.  This eliminates the need to generate receipts after the fact on the Payment History page, and is faster if just want to collect a single payment and print the receipt now.  This feature was request by a SimpleRent customer; we greatly encourage this type of feedback - here's how to use this new option:

A checkbox has been added to the Collect Payments screen, on the right side pay panel, right above the 'post payment' button:

When this is checked, a link will appear to download the receipt after the payment has been recorded - click this link to download the receipt PDF as soon as you post the payment:

If you are collecting a single payment, a single receipt PDF showing that payment will be generated. If you are collecting multiple, split payments, they will be separate line item on the receipt.  If you are collecting multiple, separate payments, the items will be split across separate receipts/pages, in the same PDF.



Generating, Printing, and Emailing Receipts to Your Tenants with SimpleRent

Generating Receipts

In this section you’ll learn how to generate, print, and email receipts to your tenants. Receipts can be generated for all tenants and payments, or a selected subset of payments or tenants. You can also choose to group all payments for each tenant onto one receipt, or group all items of a particular charge type together.  You can even have one receipt per payment if you choose.

To generate receipts, first select one or more payment line items from the payment history.

You can choose all items by clicking the check box at the top of the list. Also, as a shortcut, leaving all boxes empty also assumes you want to produce a receipt for all items.

 Click the Print Receipts button:


The “Generate & Print Receipts” popup screen appears:

Controlling Which Payments Appear on Receipts:

Your receipt generation & print options will reflect the current filters on the Payment History screen – if you have checked a select number of payments, the “Filters” options on this popup will show “Selected Payments Only” – if you have selected all, it will specify “All Payments”.  It will also reflect any date filters, and whether you have chosen to show or hide closed leases.

Controlling How Payments Are Displayed:

This popup screen also allows you to configure how the items are displayed on grouped into receipts.

The “Separate Receipts” dropdown list offers the following choices:

For Each Tenant: all payments for each tenant will be grouped together on the one receipt.

For Each Tenant & Payment Type: all payments will be grouped by tenant and payment type – payments for each payment type will appear together on a single receipt.

For Each Payment: every payment will have its own receipt.

All Items on One Receipt: all selected items on one single receipt.

Other options in the “Receipt Settings” panel include customizing the receipt date, and including a receipt comment – this comment will be saved for next time as well.

Once you have configured your receipts to display the way you want, click the “Print Receipts” button to generate them – the receipts are generated and shown in the Print View tab:

Each receipt (based on your separation settings) appears as a different page in the report.  You can export these to PDF files and print, save, or send, or you can use the “Email Report” functionality to email them either to yourself, a specific email address of your choice, or send each tenant their own receipts easily.

Emailing Receipts

To email receipts, follow the procedure outlined in the Emailing Invoices section of the Invoices & Rent Roll help topic – the process for emailing receipts is almost exactly the same as it is for invoices.