Recurring Expenses Now Supported in SimpleRent (Software for managing rental properties)

We just completed another update to SimpleRent - in response to some great feedback, we decided to add the ability to create recurring expenses. So now you can - here's how:

Access Expenses either from the Accounting --> Expenses Only menu or the Income & Expenses menu (these are available to users on paid plans only).

Click "New Expense Entry" - the Add New Expense Entry screen appears:

Click the new "recurring entry" button next to the Date field 

The date is now irrelevant since the item you're creating with recur, based on your settings.  Notice that a new set of fields/controls are shown on the screen:

You can choose to have your expense entry recur Monthly, Weekly, or Daily. Depending on what you choose, different options will be available - you should choose what day or day of the week the item will recur, and when it will start.  For monthly and weekly scenarios, you should choose how many weeks/months the item will repeat.  We've set a limit here to avoid recurrence iterating out of control, so if you need to extend recurrence beyond a years worth (for example), just add a second recurring item for the second year.  For daily recurring entries, you must specify specifically when the recurrence will end.

Once you've set up the recurrence pattern, everything about the entry (amount, accounting code, description, unit, vendor, etc) will be duplicated for each recurring entry and they will be created and saved.

Each recurring item will be shown with the recurrence icon:

Clicking this icon will show all the entries in the same series:

The recurring entries are loosely linked, so there's nothing stopping you from deleting a specific entry in the series, or modifying it slightly as appropriate after they are created. We view the recurring feature more as a way to quickly create a number of very similar expense entries with little effort, and the recurrence shouldn't prevent you from working with those entries any differently than any other expense record.  We believe we've struck the right balance here between feature and flexibility.

Hope this helps in your accounting efforts!



Improvements to Expenses & Work Orders

We just updated our SimpleRent property management software suite with some great improvements and new features:

  • Changes to work orders to better handle sub-total and taxes.
  • Improvement to the Expenses report.
  • Added the ability to create/link expenses at the time you add a Work Order - here's how:

Now, when you add a new work item to a Work Order, you can of course enter the particulars of the work to be performed, including the vendor doing the work, the sub-total, tax, total for the cost, and more.  You can also check the "Include An Expense Entry for this Work Item" box to also create an expense entry on the expense ledger.

The expense entry created will match the Work summary, vendor, invoice, sub-total, tax and total as you have defined in the work item.  It will also get the expense date, account code, and check/ref # that you specify below.

Note: if you delete the work item later, the associated expense entry will also be deleted.  If you go into the Expenses page and delete the expense item without deleting the work item, the work item will remain, but it won't have the associate expense linked to it anymore.  If you make changes to the amounts, vendor, invoice #, etc in the work item screen, the associated expense entry will also be updated.

Enjoy this handy new feature!